For he who has seen great storms.
He whose home was blown off concrete forms.
He who has lost everything down a river of hate.
He who has lost their closest mate.
He who is lonely, tired, depressed and week.
He who has ran with the rampage of hell.
He who knows no truth, no love, no family.
These are the ones who will be lifted to the highest heavens.
Jesus is our savior and sees not as this world sees.
For the glory of heaven is not the glory of human nature
but the death of human nature is the glory of God.
The man who dies to his own death is truly alive,
alive only in one, the great I AM.
For what once killed us can kill no more.
Death holds no man who is dead
so any man who knows Jesus died His death for all men know they have access to death of all destruction of man’s spirit and honor.

We may be restored to pureness of God, body, mind, will and emotions.
Nothing of this world is greater than a paradigm shift to God’s eagle view.

Peace comes easily to a worldly perfected man
but when peace comes to a destructive, disturbed, depressed man it is a gift of God and all touched by God’s grace overflow with power of heavens wonders.


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