All Thought Creates Form

If we see ourselves as trash we will be trash. We will forfeit our heavenly destiny. Our mouths will spew trash and our minds will think and therefore see trash everywhere.

If in our mind we see a bright glowing temple of God we will be a body of truth wisdom and purity, Radiating love to all in distress we can be a place of restoration and healing. God will have you become as beautiful as a sunset, as full as a field of grass with green in the spring, floating in God’s power as an eagle soars. Thoughts of the mind are not to be taken lightly. Serious consequences devour lives for those whose mind can not receive God’s love.

Receiving God’s holy temple as our mind is the greatest gift of human existence. Surrendering all of our other thoughts fills us to respect our body and obtain God’s destiny for our life in human form.
At any moment, any situation, good or bad we can obtain the highest most pure thoughts and reach the greatest level of God’s pure unending love. Fill your thoughts with God’s love and watch the world change before your eyes.


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