Oak leaves turning dark side up.
Winds blowing inside my heart.
Darkness is deep in the mist of hate
running downhill steep

Tangled ropes around my mind
pulling directions I can’t find.
Tied up knots twist my soul.
Cold searching for heat takes a toll.

Dead bones, dry blood wont carry my feet,
I’m just old rotten meat.
Laying, waiting for words that repeat.
Running, steering a car with no wheels.
Driving fast to forget the past.

Bears and wolves come to where I lay.
Even they just turn away.
I’m not good enough.
Life gets so tuff.

Existence is beyond the moon
in the mind of a loon.
Flying in circles
Only see purples.

Reality is dreams, dreams are all lies.
Running, trying to catch a comet
no one ever found yet.
Stress, dress, mess
all you see is less.
Less than ever after.
Laughter feels hard.
Heavy weight of stones
moans of distress
arrest my soul.

Bring into justice.
Only death can overcome
a choice live or die,
float free to fly.

Cry with the doves
hungry for freedom.
Life enclosed in a box
never able to stretch into flight.

A night will come you can run no more.
Fight for peace runaway heart.
All who get covered by hate
fate is arrival of the Lord.


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