Come to the end of my rope.
Hanging on but with no hope
in a world in which I can not cope,
my life is slipping like wet soap.

Only way to live is die
when you finally see through the lies.
My heart just doesn’t have to cry.
To selfish dreams I say goodbye.

Give up the life that I once knew,
for better or worse it’s up to you
because you know just what to do,
Jesus Christ, I give my all to you.

Empty out my tears and fears,
the hate I carried for many years.
Take off the weight my body bears,
my dirty cloths with rips and tares.

I pray to God revive my soul,
mind, will, emotions and all.
With your spirit I hear your call.
Renew my life, heart and all.

Fill me fresh with new world view,
without your love I don’t have a clue.
Poor onto me the blood you knew
for your death has made me new.

I will meet you at the river’s edge.
Die to self underwater I pledge,
rise above in your holy name,
Jesus, for me I know you came.

This I know is true in you:
When I die I will be with you.
Eternity waits because all you do,
your life you gave to carry me through.

I live alive full and true
somehow it seems you always knew
you would win my life some way.
To you I would bow every single day.

Bow and praise your precious name.
For your love I come to aim.
You take away all my shame,
free me up to stake your claim.

This world is yours for all to see
in Jesus Christ the way to be.
In this world He sets me free
where I was alone I couldn’t be.

God knows my each and every thought.
He knows my eyes, dreams I sought.
He knows my heart, my will, my way,
and changes it for Him each day.

Who else will find me when I’m lost,
search me out at any cost.
Who else will save me from myself
when desperation hits nothing left.

The mist and fog of hate disperse
Your word is power when put first.
Your love and grace covers the worst,
even the dead become immersed.

Complete and purified by Jesus’s blood
restored for your glory, pulled from the mud.
Forever unfailing, unending love,
your power to heal rains down from above.


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