Turn The World Upside Down

Love is not real unless it is from God. How will we ever know true love then unless God’s will is put first? We can try all we want but it won’t produce fruit unless it is God’s timing. Who wants a love that will produce no fruit? A selfish love which desires only self?

Impossible is only a disconnect from heavens reality and the lies of earthly beings. God’s desire is to connect truth of heaven to humanity who is evermore separated.

Resurrection life is among us. In us Jesus lives. Die to self and come alive! Turn the world upside down with God’s love. Our roots belong in heaven because all of life was created in pureness and likeness of heaven. As it is God’s design we stay in His image and hold true to the purification of humanity by the blood of Jesus, so our perspective must be turned upside down and heaven must be brought to earth


As a tree grows on earth it appears to grow upward and is considered to be normal. Many trees grow tall and wide yet these trees always have a weakness. Roots grow into the soil and are susceptible to destruction; disease, sickness, getting cut down. We are tempted by weakness and discouraged by the devil and disappointment of life. At best always reaching for the sky but not connecting to the greatest purest nutrients we can absorb. When we turn our life upside down for Jesus we get our nutrients from above and get completely refreshed as we feed off God alone. After being reborn the trees roots become free from slavery and mans oppression, free from discouragement. New life grows stronger, separation no longer flows like sap in our soul. A new tree with roots growing from the love of God’s kingdom creates strength like no other tree. Living water flows through the growth like rivers and the power of the branches is unending, smashing new life into ground where nothing else could have ever lived with ease. The glory of a tree grown for God is eternal and the diameter will never be measured with a human device.