You Are A Sunset
You are the thin line between light and darkness.
You are perfection of color radiating.
You are changing the color of the world with your light.
You are the brightness that all men stand in awe of.
You are a proud child of Father God.
You are a believer of Christ and His healing power.
In God’s eyes He sees you as a beautiful colorful sunset reflecting for all the world to see. No matter what you see or hear in your life this is all that matters. Only God’s judgment should guide your life. He sees you as a vivid bright sunset because you know you are in the darkness yet you shine brightly. This light that shines in the darkness glows bursting with color glorifying God. With God in your soul you are able to glow with all the wonderful perfection of the world. Just believing starts the sun setting on your selfishness and self righteousness and the light you thought you had fades. But God shows you the exact place to stand for you to glow for Him. He puts you to work on the edge of darkness with a purpose and always turns you in to the most beautiful light of the world; a beaming radiant sunset. In your obedience to the Lord you are promised to enter into a sunset light which casts no shadows, the most beautiful colorful light of Heaven.


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