The Sawmill Of Life

The “sawmill of life” is not a place any tree or person would like to go!!!! The unfortunate circumstance is the sawmill chooses what trees to cut, sometimes it just takes everything alive like a clear cut. When you go through the mill you are going to come out transformed one way or another.

Amazingly enough the creator of our world also created a way to leave the sawmill of life more alive then when you entered if you believe in the power of the Creator’s Spirit and worship His son as King of Kings. What a wonderful creator we have.

Getting Cut Down:
Many of us are being cut down by a world filled with negative influence of Satan, the walking dead discourage our spirits to grow for God’s glory. When you are lost fear swells up in pain, destruction takes over, many loose their life to drugs and die before even going to the sawmill of life, leaving a dead stump rotting. Some are never exposed to truth at all. Some trees never even have a chance to grow.
In a young trees life God’s breeze may never blow it’s leaves out of it’s own forest, and never know what it means to be truly alive. A child must now, you must only let God change you!. If you are alive at all hold true to who you are in God’s eyes. Never let anyone transform you, influence you or bring you down in anyway. All good transformation will come from God’s wisdom alone. Once the pressure of destructive influence takes over you are destined for the sawmill of life. It is only a matter of time before you get cut stacked for the mill.

Going through the sawmill is a process. Logs get sorted and debarked as they ride along conveyer belts to the giant saw blade. The world is this sawmill. Cutting us down, stripping our outer layers off and cutting us more using us for Satan’s byproducts. Broken hearts lay on the conveyer belts, driving into the saw blade, cutting hearts in two, and three, and four pieces, until we are only small wooden sticks. 2x4s to be sold to the highest bidder.

Broken hearts are sent to the lumber yard:
Where have you cut logs gone? How did you get here in this pile of separated CUT OFF wood? We get here so easily, failed love and dreams cut us so deeply. In the sawmill of life unlike a real sawmill God gives us a choice to ignore him and get cut up into 2x4s to eventually be stacked and beaten and burned in Hell, or choose to be replanted upside

The tree of life is a gift from God. While laying on that conveyer belt in the sawmill approaching the blade we can take this miracle and become Alive in Christ Jesus. A New tree is planted UPSIDE DOWN for the glory of God.

This new tree grows out of Heaven. Thick strong roots burst from love and the trunk grows wide and uncutable. When the trunk is filled with Life of God branches shoot off to the ground. The branches, leaves and seeds penetrate the earths soils bringing life to everything, even where no life ever existed before. This growth will be impossible to look away from! Many will be drawn to the trees beauty. The fruit will be like no other, hunger will disappear.

Only Jesus can save us from the sawmill of life!


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