A Love Letter From God

I am coming for you. All I have is yours for ever. I will run to you when you raise your hand forward to me and I will hug you tightly. The comfort from just one touch will never end yet I will hug you again and again.

I will send you hope. I will send you love and lift you from the depths of the bottom of the ocean to the highest heavenly realms of true reality. Your spirit belongs high and with your Father. Nothing is more real than heaven and God’s love for all eternity.

I will walk one million miles to find you, and one million more if it was not enough; No matter how long it takes me. I will swim across the sea for you, and even if you are not waiting on the sandy shore for me when I arrive I would still continue on my quest for you. I will cry one million tears and never stop loving you. My sorrow for our separation only makes me stronger for you. Even when you think I am distant I am still full of desire for you to be with me, no matter the weakness of man, no matter the fear of you never loving me back. I love you even when it is impossible. My heart is for your success. My love for you desires all things.

I am your loving Father, even when you hide things from everyone else I see your tears. Glory is upon you now and always as My love is always completely yours and never fades. Let this promise fill you and overflow to share with your family, loved ones and friends to spread among My kingdom and all the earth.

From your Father, God
translated by Johnathan Herrick
I wrote this and it directly applies to my wife and my son, both who I vow to love forever with all I have. God gives me power to love like only he loves. His desire is for us to follow His ways. So this is most importantly a message from God to His people. With God loving us like this we can use His power to love as He loves.

All glory to Father God when the impossible is made possible. Things that are not done by human standards and physical actions will be replaced with God’s perfect love. Then you will know truth is forever in God’s hands. All things are NOW possible through Christ Jesus who gives me strength. If God is with us NO ONE can be against us.


Life As I see It

The Beginning of Time
When I think of creation I think of a small explosion in my own heart. Like a single tear dripping down my face when my heart hurts or when I am shaking all over fully overwhelmed with feeling of my heart. A heart can feel all emotions good or bad and only through a fully open heart will your body feel such great powers and emotions like we are able. Our minds do not create emotions, only our heart does that part.

God’s heart is much bigger than what we feel or have emotions for. God’s heart is so big that in a cry of emotion He created life. The “Big Bang” as scientists call it is just that, an explosion of love from God’s heart. Bigger than a tear falling, bigger than a trembling body, bigger than an Earth quake, a Big Bang creation of life. Praise God for His heart of love!

I can hear the people of the world question how God’s heart could create. If you let God’s grace touch your heart you will question Him no more. Only He can renew your heart and create all things good and just. Humans created “science” just as I created my dog’s name and named her with my mind. A chemical reaction didn’t just happen to create life. As science tracks back our evolution and documents discoveries of our past we learn more about molecules, atoms and neutrons, explosions and such. We search out answers to our life with our mind using science. Science itself is amazing beyond compare. But it all means so little without feeling the heart that created it all.