I have had many creatures like this on me. We all have had them!

Some are fears, some are stress. Some come from our enemies to attack and eat everything we have. Some are tiny little ones with itchy fur who jump on us even from people who love us. Confusion grows from all directions and creates animals that destroy our lives. Confusion is everywhere and we have to live in it and fight it to kill the the lies that feed them. Once the confusion animals are fed they come back again and again.

Walking in truth with Jesus we find ways to release these creatures that crawl on and in us. We can let them go! Sometimes we need help to get rid of the nasty ones and when we get on the right path with God He will send us people to help get rid of those creatures that hang on too tightly.

Combat the lies with truth. Creatures have no power on Loves shoulders. The evil spirits wont clinge to my body when I walk with my Father God. For God will not allow love to be let down or beaten. Love conquers all fears! All confusion animals on me be released from my care!


Breath In New Life

God says:
Breath in My Love,
My nectar fills your mind with passion.
As you drink wisdom from above
My stem knows no season.

Drink from My Spirit,
My grace fills your heart with compassion.
Like your heartbeat you feel it
then just put into action.

Absorb My flowers of beauty
for your whole life unending.
Like a child so playfully
sharing joy that is mending.

Soak in the blood of Jesus.
Your resurection life is freedom.
Pain and suffering of injustice
bows down to My Kingdom.

We must be as a fox playful to the nature that surrounds us. Enjoy every scent that comes before us. As we share the love of Christ, forgive and give greatly passion for truth. A passionate soul may be passed through our eyes to the next, like a smile made contagious. A spirit of love will rise against all evils and prove to be the greatest gift ever to receive. This is God’s world and we must claim it as His for truth to reign.
Smell the freedom that comes from the Holy Spirit, it is greater all.

Prayer of the Cedar Tree

As a son of God this is commanded upon me.

May your heart grow as a cedar tree.
May your roots grow downward first firmly into solid ground,
so as not to grow too tall and fall down.
May your roots grow deep in God’s love.
May your roots grow deep in trust and faith for truth to overcome all evils.
May your roots grow deep in honor of life and value of spirit to fill your roots with the purest of water and health.

May your trunk grow slow and secure that your place is your destiny.
May your strength be firm and unshakable.
May your branches grow up to great heights so that many will see your power is unsurpassed.

May you grow by God’s design which is everlasting.
May your branches outstretch great length to expand God’s Kingdom
May your branches grow outward to provide shade to where there was otherwise none.
May your branches carry great weight during furious snow storms.
May these branches bend under massive weight of any storm,
with the forgiving Spirit of God you will never break.
May sparrows nest in the protection of your branches always.