The Fathers Love

As I enter into fatherhood I feel the power of creation.
How great must it feel to create all things.
I only hold one small baby boy in my hands,
yet I now see a perspective closer to my Father God.

I see my son and know God’s Love is true.
I know His heart for me.
I feel emotions so deep they are unexplainable by human standards.
God is the Father of life
and with Him I share this miracle of creation.
A love that can never be broken.
A love that will never give up.
I desire all the best things for my son.
As God desires all the best for each of us.

The Father’s love is covering the Earth with love like a blanket of snow.
The deeper the snow covers us the heavier the weight.
The weight tips the scale toward Jesus.
God’s snow crushes out ALL fear.
Like snow reflecting sunlight God’s love reflects off His sons brightly.

Like a butterfly flying over fields of flowers
He is gently persuading you to follow Him.

Like a strike of lightening to an old pine tree
He is exploding dead growth.
A new tree grows in its place.
A tree full of life like a giant oak
your roots grow deep and seeds abound.

Like your beloved dog greets you at your doorstep.
Always excited to see you when you arrive home
He welcomes you to His Kingdom.

He is blessing you with mountain views from high above.
Only by dreams can you see the view He sees.
He restores us with revelation of a better tomorrow,
a reality that Heaven awaits.
He is passing down hope to a generation of Faith.
Come awake and rise with your Father.
Glory of Heaven is among you now.


Royal Blood


Jesus is the King of Kings, Son of God, Royalty of Love. As I walk with Him I become Royalty, born again into a new family and a son of God. I wear my crown mighty and bright, worth great cost shining bright. My crown is not on my head but in my heart. God gives this prize for free but it is worth more then all the crown jewels in the world. The Love of God is in my blood, purified by Grace the Royal crown lives in me and is passed down generation to generation to widen and expand the Royal Kingdom.

Human Nature


We are searching for things that won’t last.
A false reality.

Digging for feelings we never find.
Caving in our mind.

Covering up emotions that break our hearts.
Hiding from ourselves.

These things we create are just a dream.
Deception will come to pass.

Only one thing will last forever.
Jesus our Savior.

When the fury of deaths fire consumes your soul.
God calls you to Eternity.

Only God will save you from the explosion.
Broken heart transfusion!

Believing the lies of human nature.
We destroy ourselves.

We never reach our destiny by our control.
But destroy God’s plan.

Following truth is the only way to reach our full potential.
God’s love is essential.

Walking With Lions

If I was a lion and you threw a stick at me I would slash your neck with my giant claws.

If I was a wolf and you ran from me I would bite your heels until I chased you down.

If I was a cobra and you lied to me I would sneak up behind you and poison you with my deadly venom.

If I was a man and you broke my heart I would leave you alone and be angry forever.

If I was God’s son and you stabbed me in the back I would love you and pray for you to find truth in my Father.

The lion has great thirst for flesh. The smell of blood is what controls it’s life. God created them this way to survive. Man also has thirst for blood and flesh but this is not what God designed us for. God created man to thirst for God’s spirit. And only with the Spirit would man have dominion over all things. With man’s spirit restored to God’s design we may even walk along side the lion with no fear. Man was designed to be the peaceful care taker over the world and all animals and living things. The taste of blood is sweet to a man. But when you taste the Holy Spirit it is much greater and over powers all other flavors.