Full Commitment


Following Jesus is a choice we can make. No matter your choice everyone knows Jesus is love. Jesus is a better way. Better in the sense your life is more real, more honest, more loving, more family oriented, more giving, fully open to miracles and fully believing the impossible is possible. We can walk the walk and talk the talk but Jesus calls us to something more. Full commitment to Him and to God’s will. For me it is like riding a bike. I ride a bike full speed, full commitment over huge jumps while doing dangerous tricks. If you don’t go full speed full commitment you end up crashing with potential to die or be seriously injured.

A wise brother, Seth Hoffman said to me, “your faith needs to be like hitting one of your jumps. You have to hit it fully committed to clear the gap.” This blew me away, and I knew I was feeling fear creep into my life because I was not fully committed to what God had planned for me. And I was thinking about the world and how I could change it for myself. Often we get scared of a big jump and hit the brakes early or jump off in the air. If we get scared of faith we have no chance to complete the jump and land safely on the landing. If we don’t have full commitment we will always crash out !

It’s a view we perceive , we put our eyes to Jesus and his works and we follow the heart our Heavenly Father gives us. Desire for greatness comes from a loving spirit and we don’t take our eyes of the truth. When our eyes come off the truth of Jesus being king we look to the world view and we crash out, fear overwhelms our minds and discouragement takes over.

In Jesus we ride fully committed with no fear and no worry for our future or if we can clear the gap. We know we can make it because it is God’s promise to love endlessly always. He fills us with his power to go into a world full of fear and emptiness and says, “Go fully committed, you can jump this gap and do some stylish tricks on the way too.”IMG_1078


This Little Light Of Mine

Written by Shawn Richardson
This little LIGHT of mine, I’m gonna LET it SHINE.

What a great song, it moves me every time.

However there is a deeper truth that resonates in my soul.

JESUS is the LIGHT of the WORLD
That same light that shined within Jesus dwells on the inside of every believer.

WE are now that light that shines on the heart of men.

Let us not believe that the light with in us is BARELY flickering. However let us dare to believe that in Him we have BECOME the light of the world.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” Isaiah 60-1

Waterfalls Of Life


The further the water falls the greater the glory, a wondrous sight to see.  And so is the same in our life. The world sets us up for failure and we also may plunge off a cliff but we have no fear because God is alive!  In us His Spirit sets us free, and ALL the glory is His. Accepting the world’s distress and dis function and loving it through all things as our waterfalls crash down God is lifting us higher.  He fills us with His great love and grace to fulfill glory as we rise against these powerful waterfalls of life.  His love prevails every time we look to Him no matter how high our waterfall appears.