The Ultimate Mine Is Inside You


Ruggles Mine was one of my favorite places to visit as a child. I remember the excitement of exploring all the caves and digging for unique stones. This mine was started by Sam Ruggles in 1803 in Grafton, NH. Sam discovered mica and knew it was worth a lot of money, as mica was used for many things in the 1800’s we use glass for today. By the 1930’s an estimated total of $12,000,000 worth of mica had been mined. Feldspar and Beryl are two other minerals that were mined and used for many different functions. In 1963 the mine was opened to the public as a tourist attraction and to teach geological studies. The beauty of this enormous hole in the ground is still the same, people from everywhere travel to see it.

Each of us is much like Ruggles Mine. We have a great worth to God and he is digging out the gems and gold. Each of us is covered in sin and pain, some of us just happen to be more aware of it then others. As I walk with Jesus I feel weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel the precious jewels of my soul being uncovered and polished. The pressure of being buried in a life of pain and suffering causes even more destruction. I have felt so buried at times that I was actually getting crushed by fear. It felt like tons and tons of rocks over me so similar to the minerals mined here at Ruggles Mine. God created us full of love and grace, power to stand strong in faith. Trusting that nothing compares to the power of His great love. As we step forward onto this truth God’s mining production expands. Tunnels are dug through our heart and mind and deep into our very soul. We can be completely uncovered from the depths of Hell and restored to complete cleanliness and confidence with the Heavenly Father.


These polished quartz stones were dug from Ruggles mine. God has the power to mine out these precious stones and polish them to the perfect image of beauty. He loves to mine out the wonders of our heart, and expose them to all, for all to see, for the glory of God. Praise Jesus.


Light Drama

When light comes through the darkness it reflects so much more dramatically than if it were already saturated with brightness. On a cold Winter evening after the sun sets and the street lights turn on at The Mount Washington Hotel light seems to be dramatized into an even more beautiful scene. A perfect inspiring backdrop of Mount Washington becomes more breathtaking in such unique coloring.

God calls us to a unique scene where darkness surrounds us, it is then when we may feel his inspiring presents on us. He fills us with the greatest power and passion to love as we come against a world in distress. Although fear and confusion is everywhere God’s great light shines through it all. The colors are all who live to worship Jesus as the Son of God. And these colors are reflecting off every dark corner to spread amazing beautiful grace to all. Love conquers all fears and Love never gives up. Nothing compares to the light God is shining on you now. Look to see these colors burst into brightness as we pray for each other to reflect this abundant love and grace we are given.

Blooming in Gods Great Love

growing in rock
God is seeking out those in need. Searching for the fallen and weak, He hates to see pain and suffering and longs to be our loving friend. God has sent His holy spirit to grow in you and lift you out of the rubble and rocks that have crushed your soul for so long. His Spirit is now warming you with light of the sun, like a flower growing in the desert God has planted a seed and it will flourish more as His spirit shines on you. He will find you wherever you are, even in the driest of land where death seems to be all that surrounds. He will make you bright and beautiful when nothing else could and life was nowhere to be found.

Light in the Darkness

God writes His signature in the night skies. We name it Aurora Borealis. This brilliant light shows in the earth’s atmosphere surround the north magnetic pole (aurora borealis) and south magnetic pole (aurora australis.) This amazing beauty occurs when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with elements in the earth’s atmosphere. Solar winds stream away from the sun at speeds of about 1 million miles per hour. When they reach the earth, some 40 hours after leaving the sun, they follow the lines of magnetic force generated by the earth’s core and flow through the magnetosphere, a teardrop-shaped area of highly charged electrical and magnetic fields. ­As the electrons enter the earth’s upper atmosphere, they will encounter atoms of oxygen and nitrogen at altitudes from 20 to 200 miles above the earth’s surface creating streams of the most beautiful light known to man. He has made jaw dropping wonders like this for us to see his Power and know his Glory! Science is awesome but it is only a way to try to understand all that creator God designed long, long ago.

Prayer for Physical Healing

Physical healing by the power of the Holy Spirit is real. It is among all who praise Jesus for his life and the horrible death he faced on the cross, and for His amazing awakening and resurrection. Only the God of love and truth would weaken himself to a baby in a land of great pain and suffering. Then rise up to be the healer of all pain, suffering and sickness. We look to Jesus as the wonderful miracle baby put into Marry’s womb by the Holy Spirit. He grew into a man who did great works of the Father and healed all who came to him with pure love and grace unending. Jesus said in our life we will do greater works than He.

These men, Bill, John, Don and Brett Pray for Jim’s knee to be fully healed and restored to complete perfection as God originally designed it. This will not happen on our time or by our human power and will. It will be done by God alone in his time by His Spirit and supernatural love. In our trusting friendship with Jesus we just ask and pray God’s work to be done and God’s perfection to be delivered to all.

Die to Self

When life gets hard and you’re feeling hurt or depressed. First instinct is to be selfish, you want your needs and desires met! Remember Jesus died for you. You have power to die to your self! Your emotions can be as dead as this armadillo, and you can carry on and give anyone their desires unselfishly. Thank you God!
“Disappointment is not just a sad emotional state of mind; deep disappointment actually can sever our hearts from faith. It can “dis-appoint” us from our appointed destiny.” We can trust that our appointed destiny is so much greater than whatever difficulty is in our way!

Jump for Joy

Kyle Amidon knows Jesus Saves! He sings for truth and peace.

If I stand on a foundation of God’s truth I stand in a holy place that can not be shaken by fear. For no fear will pass through the gates of Heaven, so no fear will enter my soul while I jump for joy and Praise the God of Truth.

Look to the Heavens and Jump for Joy

Daryl Tate jumping for joy on his Skidoo SnoX sled.

Look to the Heavens and praise Him, jump for joy. For if you have seen or felt love you have surely known God, He created Love. That’s what He made us for. We all have ways to proclaim our passion and love for life. Giving our life to Jesus will exponentially multiply your ability to love and be loved and your praise will surely be perfection in every form.

God is Lifting You Higher

God has built a stairway to Heaven for you to be in His glory for all eternity. It is a path upward leading to peace. It is a step of faith though sometimes it may be scary or hard work to continue climbing. It is a stairway toward righteousness with Father God. It is putting power in your hands to walk up this path as you put all the risk in God’s hands. God’s stairway never crumbles. He is in pursuit of you now, and has great desire for you to enter onto and stay on this path He has made for you.

Mountain Glory

Climbing across the ridge from Mt Eisenhower to Mt Monroe on a cold December day.

As a breath of freezing air takes my voice with the wind I feel your presence. My God walks with me at all times and surely carries me when I am to weak. The beauty of the majestic mountains and clouds are a wondrous creation, but this visual beauty is only a taste of Gods glorious ways. In a place of solitude, miles from any roads or even other people, a place of dangerous weather changing in a moments time, wind rises up from the valleys and builds moisture into whiteout conditions in front of my eyes. These are the moments you tap into a supernatural power where God reminds you just how small we are compared to His majesty. We need His love in our hearts to battle the likes of this world.